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Forms of eyewear include glasses, eyeglasses, spectacles, monocles, sunglasses, goggles, blindfolds, shades, masks and any other kind of art that you can stand up with and make a statement.

Based On A True Story

  In a galaxy, far far away, called Earth. It is always and everything about love. Before an existence is born, the material that brings anything into life, is love. First, you love, then you trust the love you feel, you believe and you know, only you, that this is the path, you are going to take and you hope that it is a lifetime path, because you can not live without love. It is truly, a vicious circle, the real life circle. The love for eyewear art was the destiny. Owning one of the rarest collections, the founders of Mill {MILL Limited Edition}, who visited important exhibitions for years and discovered even the most hidden laboratories worldwide before even they become brands, they acclaim that it all started as a hobby, a true love. The search for uniqueness and originality are the weapons they always carry with them. If you wish to be in the first row, if you desire to be part of history, you have to search, to wonder and to walk, as if it was the first step, everytime. That is the only way, you can be alive in present time. Present is the only time exists, so present is reality and when you exist in real time, you really exist. It is not because you breathe, it is beacuse your breath is cut. Everytime we start over, every day, every year, we live it as a first and last time experience. Finally, we do it for us, not for you, we wish that you love it the way we do, but we have to still feel it, at first sight.

  MILL Limited Edition is the first born child of a chain-family, that creates and delivers new anthems and through art, changes the world. If even one person could see through our eyes, that is success. The collections of masks, that we present every season is the vision we embrace and the vision that reaches on you. You wear that vision and you embrace the same philosophy. That makes a community. The MILL Community. The dream is a MILL Society.

That is how the second child came to life, MILL Concept Store, is another creature, a different character, so it is expected to lead a new path. It is a new destiny. Another community. And this is what happened.

Now, we welcome you at the third space of MILL, MILL Capsule 3.0, the third member, a new born child that is going to mark a new path, creating a new movement, different store, different personality, same philosophy, same family. MILL Capsule 3.0 promises an extraordinary timetravel, a trip to another dimension.

MILL Limited Edition, MILL Concept Store & MILL Capsule 3.0 are based in Town of Mykonos island, in Greece.

The idea and philosophy remain the same, since day one, like a dream, like never existed, since never.

We welcome you at April 1st 2020 and we are looiking forward to meet you the latest creations, from all over the world and guide you to the future, through the passage of history.

  We would also like to be aware of the existence of two other children that at the moment travel around the world.

The Franchise Stores of MILL Delux Edition, in Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE, Financial Center Str.

& MILL Never Land that is coming soon and is confidential till then.

  Last but not least, never forget, that what you find in MILL Stores, you will not find anywhere else on the island of Mykonos and only in few selected stores worldwide. We bring you Fresh Brands of Limited Edition Designs, straight from Selected Exhibitions Worldwide. Limited Edition, Concept Eyewear, Numbered Pieces, Rare Materials and Special Manufacturers are waiting for you to meet them and feel the MILL experience. 

Thank you very much and have a great time. See you in Mykonos. XXX

  Sincerely Yours,

  MILL Limited Edition & CO

MILL Limited Edition | Drakopoulou Str 5


MILL Concept Store | Delou Str 4


MILL Capsule 3.0 | Voriou Ipirou Str 1 (LAKKA)


Town, Mykonos, GR



gallery/mill πανο copy
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