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What to expect?

The unexpected. MILL Limited Edition &

MILL Concept Store, are famous stores for bringing to light notorious artists,

fresh brands and exclusive designers.

After providing you with the options of finding the latest discoveries every time,

they are back for good.

''You could rely on the fact, that you would find what you wanted, before you even find out what you want'', says Vasilis, one of the founders of MILL.

''And now it was about time, to have plus options, the new gallery-museum store, is a time travel through the history of eyewear and a place where you can buy history'', insists.

MILL Limited Edition &

MILL Concept Store proudly present

MILL Capsule 3.0.

The Mill Journal



Straight from Berlin, for one day only, the founders of RHESUS MINUS, one of the most upcoming eyewear ambassadors of 2015 Biennale and an already established as one of the top brands at the exclusive category of sunglasses material manufacturing,

will be among us for a special once in a lifetime tour at the

MILL Capsule 3.0,

Voriou Ipirou 1,


                     Time Travel Experience                     
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Made In Space.

Three different stores. Three different eras.

We are licensed to thrill.

MILL Limited Edition | MILL Concept Store | MILL Capsule 3.0

are exclusive stores and bring you exclusive designers.

What you are about to discover when entering the MILL Philosophy is something that you will not find anywhere else on the island.

The quality contract is signed every season and it includes the limited and concept eyewear manufacturing.

The designers that participate have to follow the high standards and the uniqueness and nowness that the stores' attitude wish to present.

A very specific iconic presentation for a customer's audience that desires the unexpected.

We do not follow. We lead. Therefore we exist.

MIS | Made In Space is a Trilogy of events that will take place between 14-16.09.2020.

For your eyes only.

Further Info:

MILL Lmited Edition | Drakopoulou Str 5

MILL Concept Store | Delou Str 4

MILL Capsule 3.0 | Voriou Ipirou 1 Str, LAKKA Area

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